Fasting & prayer week 30 Nov.

Countdown has started to the end of year. Therefore the need fo prayers.

Join us from monday 30th november till sunday 6 december for our one week fasting and prayer week.

Whole aim of this one week fasting and prayers is to give thanks to God for the year 2015 and to look forward to his abundant plans he has in store for us in the year to come.

And just like last time we will upload each day our morning devotions live from our website, facebook & Jesus COP (pentecost app).


Theme: Forgetting the Past & Pressing Forward (Philippians 3:13&14)

Monday 30 Nov.   Subject: Thanksgiving – Church service 7pm

Tuesday 1 Dec.      Subject: Forgeviness

Wednesday 2 Dec.    Subject: Worship – Church service 7pm  (Last Prayer Gathering of the year!)

Thursday 3 Dec.  Subject: Biblestudy & (future) partner

Friday 4 Dec.       Subject: Friends, family & your ministry – Church service 8pm

Saturday 5 Dec.  Subject: Gods will

Sunday 6 Dec.    Subject: Thanksgiving – Church service 1pm (Lord Supper Day)