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Nieuwsbrief Maart 2016

EASTER CONVENTION Jesus is risen and therefor the need to celebrate Easter and come also together in prayer in remembrance of his gift. Theme: Jesus is the exalted Lord (Eph. 1:20-23) We will host a joint service with PIWC The Hague in our auditorium. Vrijdag 25 Maart 2016: Goede vrijdag, gebedsavond om 8 uur. Zondag […]


3 days Revival (27-31 januari)

THE GREAT ENCOUNTER As we have entered into a new year, we need to set some time apart and pray and seek the face of the Lord. For everyone who encouters him, recognize him. And everyone who recognize Him, shall hear His voice and obey Him. Of course God has good and perfect plans for […]


Pentecost Europe App available

Greetings in the name of the Lord. The Lord has been good to as and therefore we want to give Him all the praise and adoration. With the help of the Lord we have been able to finaly launch our Pentecost Europe App named JESUS COP. Finally available in Apple store. Download it now and […]


News! News! Dutch@5years!

Aankondigingen September   Give Peace A Voice Festival Op aankomende zaterdag 19 septemper vindt de Give Peace A Voice Festival plaats op het theater aan het Spui in Den Haag om 12 uur tot 5. Onze koor zal tijdens dit programma optreden. Tijdens het festival wordt theater en muziek gecombineerd om de behoefte aan vrede […]


new year new things in 2015

2014 has been a blessed year for the Dutch Church of Pentecost. And it is our prayer that the Lord will continue to guide us in this new year. And as this post already said: ‘new year, brings new things’ so we are kicken the year with new things. Be there this sunday: WHITE SUNDAY!! […]

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