Nieuwsbrief Maart 2016


Jesus is risen and therefor the need to celebrate Easter and come also together in prayer in remembrance of his gift. Theme: Jesus is the exalted Lord (Eph. 1:20-23) We will host a joint service with PIWC The Hague in our auditorium.

Vrijdag 25 Maart 2016: Goede vrijdag, gebedsavond om 8 uur.

Zondag 27 Maart 2016: Paaszondag kerkdienst om 1 uur.

Don’t miss out.



LORD SUPPER WEEK: The Great Encounter

A special Revival program , The Great Encounter will be held this week. The theme is:¬†Pray without ceasing (Genesis 32:26b). I will not let Thee go, untill though bless me. During this week we will fast and a daily devotional will be posted online each day. Besides this we will meet 3 times at church for special prayers. Don’t miss out, its going to be powerfull!

Woensdag 30 Maart: Prayer Gathering om 7 uur.

Vrijdag 1 April: Gebedsavond om 8 uur.

Zondag 3 April: Heilig Avondmaal dienst om 1 uur.